Igniting Potential in Rangatahi


The Igniting Potential in Rangatahi (IPIR) programme has been developed to provide incentive, reward, recognition and lifelong opportunities to rangatahi within the Community Connect framework across multiple regions in Aotearoa. The name of the programme was inspired by youth advocate, mentor and music publicist Bev Adair who was a founding member of the Planet Youth kaupapa linked to Kuraconnect.  The programme runs across the 9 active Community Connect areas with youth participating from Kaitaia through to Wairarapa.  



Given increasing pressures and demands on young people, Community Connect and Touch NZ believe the welfare and development of NZ children and youth has never been more important. We know there is compelling evidence contributing to understanding what is important to Tamariki and Rangatahi, supported by Sport NZ’s Balance is Better strategy which addresses the needs and current environment for our youth in New Zealand. Touch NZ via Community Connect has taken the foundations of this framework, alongside the Community Connect delivery model to form Igniting Potential in Rangatahi, supported with the principles of AWHI. The key outcome is to create a holistic environment to provide opportunities to our young people to attain personal and professional development, supporting them to thrive and ignite the potential that lies within.    


Rangatahi are empowered and confident with transferable skills that support career opportunities and hauora.

Rangatahi are confident in their culture and vision in determining their own path.


Create a setting where youth are enthusiastic to take part and to stay in the programme for up to one year.

Develop leaders who have the self-confidence to contribute to their whānau and  community, building whanaungatanga and whakaako, creating intergenerational impact and contributing to positive career choices.  


  • Rangatahi aged 15 – 24 years participate in the programme. (150 in the programme per annum)
  • Training and development attained in one or all four areas
  • Achievements such as certification, accreditation and completion of courses and/or workshops
  • A group of trained individuals to continue after the programme has finished to support in mentoring and training of other youth that sign up to the programme.
  • Increased reduction in anti-social behaviour within the community
  • More confident, responsible and courageous young people in our community


The Programme allows rangatahi to engage in development through 4 blocks of sport and activities during the school term over one year. The regular weekly competitions are used as a vehicle to provide a platform where rangatahi can learn, practice, and acquire additional skills in multiple areas.  

Rangatahi are supported to achieve fixed outcomes, personal and professional development, with remuneration opportunities. Participants may choose from one or all of the areas available in the 4 quadrants: 

  • Sports & Recreation
  • Event Management
  • Creative Arts and Communications
  • Personal Development​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

There are specific workshops rangatahi are invited to attend such as 1st aid courses, AWHI leadership, TouchFit 360, basic driving  plus other development courses as identified through other groups and partner organisations.

Rangatahi are mentored throughout the entire process with support provided where necessary whilst encouraging self-management and initiative . Participants attain certification, accreditation, or recognition of achievement within each block whilst receiving reward and recognition through remuneration as well as apparel/equipment. Over time, participants skillsets will increase, enabling them to transition specific learnings to others that come onboard as well as acquiring valuable transferrable skills to other interests or career opportunities.​​​​​​​


Youth are currently identified through the Community Connect activations, word of mouth from Steering Group members and local community groups, plus local schools where there is an existing relationship. Once identified as a potential candidate for Igniting Potential in Rangatahi in their area, they will be invited to look at the overall model and look at which of the 4 blocks they would like to take part in.

At this early stage of the programme, we are not rigid about where or how rangatahi are invited to be part of the programme. The plan is to trial the programme within each area for a year, with a full review to take place part way through the year which will assist in forming the strategic approach for year 2 onwards.


Sarah Leaf | Tāmaki Makaurau IPIR Development Lead

Pūmanawa Āwhina | Touch New Zealand

Email: sarah@communityconnect.nz

Phone: 022 097 6180


John Radovanovich | Te Tai Tokerau IPIR Support Lead

Pūmanawa Āwhina | Touch New Zealand

Email: jb@communityconnect.nz

​​​​​​​Phone: 022 345 7356